AGM and Best of Staffordshire Awards to UHNM and Keele

AGM and Best of Staffordshire Awards to UHNM and Keele
April 11, 2016 Lee Stoker
In Best of Staffordshire 2016

The Staffordshire Neurologicak Alliance celebrated it’s fifh anniversary with friends at an Information day incorporating it;s AGM and presentations of outstanding local achievements


Minutes of Annual General Meeting March 15th 2016
North Staffs Conference Centre

Members present
John Morgan (JM), Trevor Baker (TB), Jackie Dornford May (JDM), Nigel Bullock (NB), Steve Searle (SS), Peter Drew (PD), John May (JFM), Olive Morgan, Jack Barber

Allison Nunney, Pam Bostock, RV Howell

Minutes of AGM held  March 2015
Proposed NB, seconded SSW

Steve Searle made the initial introduction and welcome. He reaffirmed our aims and ambitions, and declared that a birthday cake was available to celebrate 5 years of the SNA.

Chairman’s Report
John Morgan asked if the meeting would approve the Directors Report and Accounts(A copy will appear on our website) that had been prepared in Mr Howells absence, with the aid of Olive Morgan keeping the Cash Book, and DPC.   Approval was given.

He then delivered a review as follows:

“Stars and Black Holes
My personal thanks to
– Ron Howell for his selfless contribution and Steve,  John , Nigel and Trevor for sticking to the task  month after month, and welcome Peter to the engine room.

Looking Back
THE STARS (Whose support has made our progress possible):

-Matthew Ellis who hosted our first public meeting and encouraged our fledgling ambitions

-MPs Jeremy Lefroy, Andrew Griffiths, Gavin Williamson, Joan Whalley for support when needed

-Jackie Dornford May ,Ramilla Patil , Pam Bostock and Claudia Brown,our first and consistently supportive professional associates .

-Andy Donald and Dave Sanzieri and their CCG  teams for accepting that we are here to help and inviting our participation in their decision making.

-Rob Morrison, Jan Sensier and all at Healthwatch Staffordshire, Val and Paul at Healthwatch Stoke, Keele University, particularly Alison and Clare, and recently Professor Fricker and her team  for extremely productive and hopefully permanent partnerships that augur well  for the future of our efforts to influence the Local Health Economy.

-UHNM, particularly Hayley, Lisa and Mike  for increasingly meaningful joint investigation and effort to address deficiencies in service provision

-St Giles and Compton Hospice for generous collaboration

-NetInspire and DPC for generous professional support

-Our Best in Staffordshire Award winners who have given us hope that a better use of resources and a better life for those with neurological conditions is possible

-Our Advocates ,who are the future of the SNA

I   AM ENCOURAGED THAT THE ECONOMY  NOW TALKS ABOUT THE BLACK HOLES (Swallowing resource and also negating the efforts of excellent front line professionals).

Leading to:
-Those with conditions facing baffling gaps instead of accessible services joined up  from pre diagnosis to death and no early intervention /prevention-bed blocking.
-Duplication and waste
-Failure to share best practice and other communication problems between providers, providers and commissioners, and with users
EG. current stroke survivors issues,  confusion between SSOTPT /CCGs/ other trusts

– County Council’s Better Futures initiative Launched last year? Has it sunk?
-Months of leaks relating to the CQC’s adverse reports on SSOTPT.  No report has been published.
-West Midlands Clinical Networks were launched with great fanfare over a year ago –  a Marie Celeste?
Just a few of the Great White Hopes that come and in some cases are forgotten.
-Is the Cancer and End of Life project to be another.
-The SNA is not interested in pillorying those responsible for waste and poor decisions but we are interested in having sources of poor service identified and addressed in a timely fashion.

-Fragmentation and entrenched management styles
-Apparent absence of high level involvement initiatives eg.  from West Midlands Neurological Network .
-Old style public engagement events.  Title often contradicted by the approach taken.  Defensive. Discouraging contributions
-Lip Service to Quality management  and other “modern” management ,Limited objectives, Lack of trust in staff and users ability to contribute –Micro management

EG. GP payments structure
Pharmacists could do more-many do.

-Failures to recruit, and therefore inability to fully exploit promising initiatives, eg. talking to local support groups, to accept invitations to attend events etc., Grow Directory, utilise website etc.
-Funding is neglected
-Engaging with the 90% with conditions who no one reaches

Change and Grow or Die?”
A suggestion came from the floor that we invite all County Councillors to make a donation from their £10000pa allowance for community projects.

Election of Trustees

John May was re-elected and Peter Drew elected

DPC will continue as our official Accountants.
The next AGM will be on 21st March 2017, at a venue to be confirmed.

AGM closed at 11am


Chair summarises 5 years of attempting to influence the local Health and Social services economy


Thank you Jackie Dornford May

More Information

Thank you to all who set up information stands

Neurological Services Developing A Way Forward

Robin Morrison ,Chair  Engaging Communities & Healthwatch Staffordshire
Rob Morrison addressed the meeting, discussing neurological services development and initiatives being taken with the SNA and others to develop a way forward- This will be posted on  our website

Presentation of Best of Staffordshire Awards

To the Stroke team at UHNM

To Dr Alison Irvine and Clare Ryan of Keele Medical School

Stroke at Stoke

Dr Indir Natarajan presented a history of the Stroke unit (The presentation will be posted on our website)

Teaching Neurological examination with Patient Participation at Keele

Developing Teaching of Neurological examination with patient participation

Dr Alison Irvine described the evolution of teaching with patient participation at Keele Medical School(The presentation will be posted on our website)

Stem cells, vitamins and circuits – towards therapies for Parkinson’s

Professor Rosemary Fricker and Dr Paul Roache gave presentations on their work with stem cells (Copies will be posted on our website)


Dr Searle reminded the meeting of the vital Importance of Advocate recruitment to the continuation of the Alliance
The meeting was closed with thanks to all presenters and information providers

The Chair thanked Dr Searle for organising and orchestrating the day the day


Dr Alison Irvine Presentation 15th March 2016

Robin Morrison 15th March 2016

Stroke in Stoke 15th March 2016