Comment on Neurological Alliance Survey – The Invisible Patients

Comment on Neurological Alliance Survey – The Invisible Patients
January 15, 2015 Lee Stoker

Our own alliance was founded four years ago as a result of our having audited provision from diagnosis to death across Staffordshire and Stoke.

There was a wide disparity in service provision and therefore in patient experience from postcode to postcode. Our aim is to attempt to elevate the experience of all to that of the best served, by working in partnership with decision makers and service providers at all levels in government and the NHS, and with others in the voluntary sector

One of our partnerships is our very productive role as Healthwatch organisational champion with Healthwatch Staffordshire and a similar evolving relationship with Healthwatch Stoke on Trent.

We welcomed the opportunity presented by the Neurological Alliance study to reinforce our own findings and we contributed our own experiences.

It is no surprise that neurological conditions are low in the priorities for addressing long term chronic conditions. They are complex, often exist with other diseases and have been far less studied than say diabetes or stroke.

The study by the Neurological Alliance has produced constructive recommendations for commissioners and providers

It is encouraging that our partners in Staffordshire and Stoke seem to embracing much of what is suggested, but we still have far to go and we recommend study of this useful document to all commissioners ,decision makers, providers and voluntary bodies.

John Morgan