Neuro Advocates

Neuro Advocates
April 15, 2015 Lee Stoker

Do you want to help make life better for the 200,000 in Staffordshire affected by a neurological condition?

Are you capable, with a few others and our partners in the local Health Economy, of taking Staffordshire’s new independent neurological charity forward?

If you think that you are then join us and take the challenge of proving it!

We presented our first 3 Best in Staffordshire awards at the charming Rose theatre and discovered a very warm welcome from Glenis and her colleagues and the best buffet lunch in the Midlands with generous support from The Big Lottery Fund and working closely with Stafford and Surrounds and Cannock Chase Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) we launch our Neurological Advocacy Programme, A further exciting step forward for the SNA and Present our 7th Best of Staffordshire Award to the outstanding Radiotherapy Service at UHNM.

We expect to be joined by a range of local service providers and sources of information, with plenty of time for Networking and Visiting the stands.

How you can help us as a Neurological Advocate?

As one of our Neurological Advocates you will enhance our ability to relieve those affected by neurological conditions by providing more and more effective channels of communication with the over 90% of those diagnosed who do not join a condition specific charity. Not only will you provide an informed voice at local patient Involvement groups and other NHS and Social services consultation and communication meetings including trust and Clinical Commissioning groups (CCG) initiatives, but you will also visit branches and support groups working to establish communication with as many as possible of those affected by any neurological condition or providing services to those affected.

You will be supported by experienced officers of the SNA and given access to its database of studies and publications after training in use of the quality audit and other tools and opportunities to meet and learn from Best Practice Award winners. Your goal will be to become regarded as a valued constructive partner by commissioners, clinicians and service providers while being a trusted advocate for users.

What do you need to undertake this role?

  • Ability to talk with and listen actively to others
  • Ability to enjoy working within a team at a distance or close quarters
  • Able to travel across ccg area
  • Literate and numerate
  • Good at analyzing information and able to see the big picture
  • Ability to interact with people at all levels of organisations
  • Able to use rational arguments and facts to challenge decisions

What benefit will you get?

  • Full training will be provided at induction including complexities of the local health economy
  • Induction pack of information and references provided
  • Standardised presentation for talking to charity branches
  • Presentation skills training
  • Mentoring by Trustee / Director
  • Re-imbursement of expenses actually incurred, mileage allowance

Contact Details

John Morgan (Chair) 07730 953 394
Steve Searle (Vice Chair) 01827 896771