Open Day April 2013 – Write Up

Open Day April 2013 – Write Up
April 29, 2013 Lee Stoker

Best of Staffordshire awards April 2013

Information day and The Best of Staffordshire presentations. Rugeley, 23 April.

The Information open day was very well attended and SNA Best of Staffordshire awards were made to the Gnosall Health Centre, The Cannock Rehab Unit and the East Staffs Adult Ability Team.

A summary of the presentations by each of the award winners can be found here.

Essentially the day was about emphasising the positive.

Each of the awards recognised leaders showing how to empower patients to help themselves to improve their prognoses and make the best use of the scarce resources. In all three examples patients had welcomed the opportunities, offered by the providers, to manage their conditions and in so doing save the Health and social services budgets by postponing their need for expensive acute care or hospital or nursing home stays.

The presentations were complemented by a table top exhibition demonstrating a range of aids and sources of advice and information that will help people to be more self-sufficient.

Altogether I thought that the day pointed the way to a more positive response to the future challenges facing the Health and Social services.

There are other changes that have to happen, primarily in the management culture of the NHS to budget properly and cut waste alongside trusting and listening to their people and the service users, their customers.

Our thanks go out to everybody who came together at the Rose Theatre to help us in our quest to highlight excellence in social health care.