Registered Charity

Registered Charity
December 8, 2013 Lee Stoker



When we set up the alliance in January 2011 we did so to attempt to address disparities in provision for people with neurological conditions across the county.

We wanted to make it clear that we are a Staffordshire organisation and also that we are a permanent organisation. Here to stay!

Becoming a limited company and now a registered charity, means that the directors/trustees have given a commitment to run this organisation only for the public benefit in Staffordshire and comply with regulatory requirements.

That is our responsibility and cannot be shared. We cannot enter in to any association that interferes with our ability to deliver on our commitments although a key part of our strategy is to form effective partnerships with commissioners, providers, voluntary bodies and any organisation sharing our aims.
We also seek to partner with relevant national and regional organisations to share knowledge and experience. We have applied to affiliate to the Neurological Alliance and will welcome interaction with Regional Alliances as we have with the BCNA.

Our commitments are contained in our memorandum of association and our submission to the charity commissioners, particularly in the trustee declaration. Both of these documents will be included on our website as part of the current updating exercise

A major reason for devoting so much effort to becoming a limited company and a registered charity is that the ongoing disciplines required mean that anyone joining us, supporting us, or relating to us in any way can do so with confidence.

Although the trustees have the legal responsibility they must insist that members also comply.

Having achieved much of our original 4 objectives we are now constructing a strategic plan to carry us forward for the next 5 years.

If you have any thoughts as to how we can better meet our objectives please contact me.

Brief biographies of the current trustees can be found on our website under the ‘About’ section.